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About Our Diocese

In September 2000, the Diocese undertook a significant initiative by acquiring a property in Coburg with the intention of establishing a Coptic Centre, which would include the Theological College. This endeavor received remarkable support from both the congregation and youth, manifested in generous financial contributions. Additionally, the students of the Theological College made extensive use of the facilities, fully utilizing their potential. However, within two years, it became apparent that the increase in meetings, activities, and classes had surpassed the site's capacity. Consequently, the facility's use was constrained primarily to Theological College purposes.

In late December 2001, by divine providence, we were informed of an extraordinary opportunity to acquire Whitefriars Park, a Carmelite Monastery established in 1937. Situated in the core of metropolitan Melbourne, this property presented an ideal solution to accommodate our growing needs for the foreseeable future, representing a unique and serendipitous occasion. The evident intervention of God in this process was profoundly felt.


Whitefriars Park has been transformed into The Coptic Orthodox Church - Diocese of Melbourne. Through continued divine grace, this site is envisioned to serve anew as a sanctuary for prayer, religious education, community fellowship, and spiritual retreat.

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